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Provided advice on the draft Civil Service Law, particularly regarding the Independent Civil Service Appeals Commission, the Civil Service Appointments Commission, the Civil Service Employment Authority and the Civil Service Code of Conduct. Assignment funded by the British Council.

Reviewed and assessed the DFID-funded Support to Strategic Planning for Sustainable Livelihoods project.  The review process took stock of progress on the project with a view to designing a second phase.

Programme of assistance to the Government of Afghanistan in drawing up and implementing a reform programme in the key justice institutions, the Supreme Court, the Attorney’s General Office and the Ministry of Justice in order to contribute to the development of an effective, efficient and equitable justice sector in Afghanistan.  Project...

A three-year project in support of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) to implement the Government’s new pay and grading policy.  Our team of consultants re-graded junior and senior positions in all the ministries in Afghanistan and supported the job evaluation of a significant proportion of 280,000 public...

Management Needs Review of seven Irish Embassies in Africa (Ethiopia, Lesotho, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia) funded by the Development Co-Operation Ireland, Department of Foreign Affairs, Government of Ireland.

DFID funded project of support to leadership and mentoring for leaders in five African countries – Ethiopia, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Zambia, as part of the Africa Capacity Building Initiative. Senior African officials were partnered with UK counterparts over a period of eighteen months.  Project run in collaboration with the...

World Bank funded project in support of the Department of Public Administration, Government of Albania. Advised on developing a consistent approach to organisational structure in all central government ministries.  Project was also designed to improve the efficiency and transparency of ministries and to facilitate interaction between government and the public.

Preparation of tender dossiers for projects financed under the European Commission CARDS 2003 National Action Programme for Albania in the area of police and organised crime.

World Bank funded project in support of the Department for Public Administration (DOPA), Government of Albania. Involved reviewing the implementation of Albania’s Law on the Status of Civil Servants; laying out reform options for addressing challenges identified in the Civil Service Law and assisting Government in the implementation of these...

Major project on Public Sector Reform to advise the Government of the Republic of Armenia on public sector reform, civil service law, human resource management policy and practice, structural reviews across ministries and project management.  Funded by the UK Department of International Development (DFID).

DFID programme of support to the Prime Minister’s Office in Armenia.  Focused on advising Government on reviewing and restructuring the Prime Minister’s Office, strengthening the capacity of the Prime Minister’s staff and establishing a system of Cabinet Committees.

Functional and staffing reviews of the Office of the President and the National Assembly.  Funded by DFID.

EC financed project in support of the Human Rights Defender’s Office for the development of a Twinning Fiche.

Developed a methodology and conducted a gap analysis in the justice and home affairs sector covered by the Comprehensive Institution Building programme. Designed to increase the institutional capacities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), State Migration Service (SMS), State Border...

Developed a methodology and conducted a gap analysis in the economic reform sector covered by the Comprehensive Institution Building programme designed to assist the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) to negotiate the EU Association Agreement and work towards further deepening of bilateral economic...

A policy study and research to determine the scope, role and effectiveness of the civil service in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Funded by UNDP.

The Bermuda Police Service carried out a recruitment exercise in the UK for a senior police officer to manage a project to implement the new Police and Criminal Evidence Act. Our consultant acted as an independent chair of the assessment/selection interview, devised the arrangements for the interview (structured approach, marking...

Provided support for implementation of functional review recommendation in the agriculture sector at state level leading to the establishment of a Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.  Implemented in a consortium led by Vakakis International (Greece) and funded by the European Commission.

With Cranfield University, UK, provided public administration and economic reform advice for a range of Bulgarian government and academic institutions.  Funded by the UK Know How Fund.

Consultancy project based in the National Social Security Institute. Advice and training on social security policy management, project management and human resource management capacity building.  A second phase of the programme completed the personnel work initiated in the first phase and ensured that the reforms were sustainable. DFID funded.

Three-year project on Performance Appraisal, Pay and Career Progression in the State Administration, Government of Bulgaria.  Institutional development of human resource management policies and practices, including introduction of a performance management system, performance appraisal and a pay and grading review.  Funded by DFID.

Technical Assistance for the preparation of recruitment and training strategy for the Judiciary, led by the British Council and funded by the EC.  Project established the basis for a continuous training system for magistrates and administrative court staff members, and for an effective judicial service, capable of meeting the legal standards and practices...

Strengthening of the Public Administration – Implementing Public Administration Reform at the Council of Ministers, Government of Bulgaria. Project focussed on strengthening the capacity in public administration at central and local level to implement the legislation on public administration. Funded by the European Commission Phare programme.

Technical Assistance Project in the Council of Ministers specifying the requirements of a Human Resources Management Information System and its associated Information Technology System to serve the whole state administration. Funded by a Japanese Grant under the auspices of the World Bank.

Human Resource Policy Development Project for the National Revenue Agency.  Advised on policies including recruitment, selection, appointment, career progression and dismissal; pay policy; staff planning procedures; job descriptions; developing a human resource management handbook and monitoring and evaluation of policies and procedures.  Project funded by DFID.

Restructuring of the Business Processes for a Unified Collection of Tax and Social Security Contributions for the National Revenue Agency.  Project run in consortium with KPMG Bulgaria and Ordina Public BV (Netherlands) and funded by the World Bank.

Technical Assistance to the Institute for Public Administration and European Integration (IPAEI) for the design and implementation of development and assessment programme for senior civil servants. Project run in consortium with Nomisma (Italy), ROI (The Netherlands), New-I (Bulgaria) and Sofia Consulting (Bulgaria).  Funded by the EC Phare programme.

Social Protection Project in Croatia providing advice on social assistance to the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. Funded by the World Bank and DFID.

Legislative Drafting Workshop for British Council led project of Support to the Reform of the Civil Service. Funded by the European Commission.

Strengthening the Public Internal Financial Control structure in line with international and EU standards. Assistance to central government institutions including the Central Harmonisation Unit and regional and local government budget users. Implemented by a consortium led by Sofreco (France).  Funded by the European Commission.

Assessment of the Pay and Benefit system in the public service.  Services included assessment of the current legislation and recommendations on design of a new public service pay and benefit system and improvements to the collective bargaining process for the public service.  Funded by the World Bank.

European Commission funded project on Strengthening of Institutional and Administrative Capacity for the Implementation of the Acquis Communautaire. Review of the structure and functions of government, human resource management policies, job descriptions, job analysis, recruitment and selection.

European Commission Phare funded project on Strengthening Internal Public Financial Control at the regional level. Included preparing a manual and delivering training to all fourteen pilot regional Internal Audit Units in conducting audit, public internal financial control and the use of specialised auditing software.

Through the FCO’s Global Opportunity Fund (GOF) Reuniting Europe Programme, supported Regulatory Impact Assessment in Central Europe. Project’s purpose was to support and create the mechanisms of regulatory impact assessment (RIA) within the state administrations of the target countries and to upgrade their practices in order to create a more...

Series of lectures and seminars on the UK Public Sector Reform Experience for Egyptian academics, students and practitioners. Held at Cairo University and funded by the British Council.

European Commission funded project to provide long-term support to the Eritrean Centre for Organisational Excellence (ERCOE), Government of the State of Eritrea.  Involved enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of public service provision in Eritrea by providing technical and advisory services to ensure the effective and timely implementation of the project...

Strategic and policy formulation, management functions and preparation for EU accession project in support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.  Funded by the European Commission Phare programme.

Delivery of a development programme on policy-making in the field of competitiveness for Estonian senior civil servants. Implemented through four modules: theoretical introduction to competitiveness of special factors affecting Estonia; the UK experience, nationally and regionally, of achieving improvements in competitiveness; case studies and different approaches in an Estonian context and...

Parliamentary Scoping Mission to assess the needs of the new Federal Parliament and make recommendations about areas of support.  Funded by the United Nations Development Programme.

Advice to the Government on the introduction of a Senior Executive Service as the most senior cadre of the Ethiopian civil service (at both federal and local levels).  Prepared a Concept Paper for consideration by the Council of Ministers and developed a full set of procedures, including those relating to recruitment...

Advice to the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman on Freedom of Information legislation and its implementation and on records management principles and practice.  Funded by the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman.

Assessment of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the second phase of the Euromed Heritage programme.  Our consultants provided information to the EC about the past performance of the programme, lessons learned and recommendations for a possible future phase.  Project funded by the European Commission.

In consortium led by Danish Management (Denmark) with five other EU-based consultancies, a “framework” contract for the European Commission covering all parts of the world and involving short, focused assignments on communication and training, incorporating: e-learning, face-to-face training, organising events and campaigns, production of audio-visual and multi-media products, production and...

In consortium led by Cambridge Education (UK), a “framework” contract for the European Commission covering all parts of the world and involving short, focused assignments on project design, implementation and evaluation.

In consortium led by COWI (Belgium), a “framework” contract for the European Commission covering all parts of the world and involving short, focused assignments on project design, implementation and evaluation.

In consortium led by B&S Europe (Belgium), a “framework” contract for the European Commission covering all parts of the world and involving short, focused assignments on project design, implementation and evaluation.

In consortium led by COWI (Belgium) and Safege (Belgium) with eleven other EU-based consultancies, a “framework” contract for the European Commission covering all parts of the world and involving studies and technical assistance in all sectors.

Staff audit and a staff development project for the Management Development Institute, The Gambia Technical Training Centre and Gambia College.  Funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Restructuring of the pay and grading system of the Gambian Civil Service, including determining job categories, developing a salary structure, providing guidelines on job analysis procedures and training key staff on implementation. Funded by the World Bank.

Project identification assignment to assess the needs of the Georgia Parliament and prepare a set of recommendations for future projects to support the reform of the Parliament of Georgia under the Tacis Action Plan 2004 and Rapid Reaction Mechanism 2004.  Project was funded by the European Commission.

Technical assistance to Support the Implementation Process for the Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA).  Assistance provided to the PCA Governmental Commission, line ministries in the Government of Georgia and the Parliament of Georgia.  Project was funded by the European Commission Tacis programme and implemented in association with Altair Asesores (Spain), BCEOM (France) and the Georgian Foundation...

Within the framework of the EC funded project on Capacity Building of the State Ministry for Conflict Resolution, provided the services of a Human Resource Management Expert to identify the situation and needs of the human resources of the Office and made proposals for introduction of an appropriate management system.

Technical assistance to support the development of a Twinning Project Fiche for the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation under the EC Framework Contract.

Technical advice and support to the Head of the Ghanaian Civil Service under the Civil Service Performance Improvement Programme.  A comprehensive, “homegrown” reform initiative aimed at building capacity and instituting a good governance culture throughout the civil service.  Project won an Innovation Award from the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management.  Funded...

Workshops on Good Governance in Local Government, held in Makassar and Pontianak.  Funded by the British Council/DFID.

Project to assist the Government of Jamaica in establishing and developing a Public Sector Reform Unit in the Cabinet Office. The Reform Unit provided leadership, co-ordination and monitoring of the Government’s Public Sector Modernisation Strategy.  Funded by DFID.

Strategic Review of the Jamaican Cabinet Office to clarify its mission, objectives, role and functions.  Project was managed by Atos Consultancy Services and funded by the Government of Jamaica.

World Bank funded project to transform the Fisheries Division and the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture into Executive Agencies. Provided advice on public sector modernisation and public finance.

Design and delivery of two-day seminar on developing a code of conduct and guidelines on conflict of interest for public officials for Ministers, Members of Parliament, members of the judiciary and civil servants.  Funded and co-facilitated by the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat and held in Montego...

Legislative drafting expertise to assist the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) with drafting the Basic Public Service Law in order to present the law for approval to the United Nations headquarters in New York and the Special Representative of the Secretary General in Kosovo.  Funded by DFID.

A six-month assignment to review the existing classification and reward structure and methodology of the civil service in Kosovo and to develop a modern and coherent pay and grading system.  Implemented in collaboration with HELM Corporation and funded by the European Agency for Reconstruction.

Development of Policy and Planning Capacity in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) of Kosovo.  Advice provided to OPM on the Provisional Institutions of Self Government (PISG) on creation of new organisational structures, the creation of a Government Co-ordination Secretariat and clarification of the respective roles of political advisers and...

Support to central level administration in development and reinforcement of Internal Audit (IA) and Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC) Systems.  Project designed to develop a policy paper on PIFC and the design and delivery of training programmes on PIFC and IA.  Implemented in a consortium led by SOFRECO (France) and financed by...

Assistance to the Office of the Prime Minister of Kosovo in the examination and revision of the draft legislation in relation to its compliance with the Acquis Communautaire. Project funded by the EC.

Organised and ran an intensive training programme on media presentation skills for staff members of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Pillar IV.  Funded by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).

Assistance to the Ministry of Public Services and other key Ministries, including the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance, in drafting laws and secondary legislation on government, on the civil service, on administrative bodies and on civil service salaries and grading.  Funded by DFID.

Project on developing civic participation and consultation between Government and civil society in two policy areas – environment and youth.  Two-year project run in collaboration with the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation and funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Project of support to the Office of the Prime Minister, Phase II.  The main purpose was to help the Office of the Prime Minister in providing effective support to the whole of Government for co-ordinated and well-informed policy decisions and improved communication with the public.  Funded by DFID.

Project of support to the co-ordination of the Rule of Law Sector.  Project was to assist the Government of Kosovo to deliver improvements in the rule of law sector, consistent with European integration aims.  In collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers, who were the lead firm.  Funded by DFID.

Assistance with implementing Civil Service and Salaries Legislation.  Support to the Ministry of Public Administration and the Kosovo Institute for Public Administration with completing secondary regulations and implementing legislation on job classification, allowances and expenses, redundancy, early retirement, performance appraisal and salaries.  Funded by DFID.

Swedish International Development Agency funded study to identify possible gaps provided in international support to Albania and Kosovo in the areas of policy management, public administration reform, public financial management reform and local government reform as prioritized by the Governments of Albania and Kosovo, and identify and assess priority areas...

Evaluation of plans for restructuring two pilot Ministries in accordance with benchmarks of international best practice, on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme’s Programme Management Unit for Political and Administrative Central Governance.

European Commission funded project of Support for the Centre for Parliamentarism and Legislative Drafting (CPLD). Aimed to strengthen the institutional capacity of the CPLD and improve the legislative drafting skills and procedures at the CPLD and in the Government and the Office of the President.

European Commission funded project to support the Ministry of Justice in improving inter-ministerial legislative drafting practices.  Assistance provided in legislative drafting, training in the use of a database of draft laws and best practice in compiling an inventory of legal normative acts.

Assignment to provide specialist governance advice to the DFID Central Asia Programme, in particular to its governance component.  Advice included oversight of work in the Kyrgyz Republic and in the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as contributing to the design and business planning process for the new three-year programme in Stability and Democracy.  Funded by DFID.

Development and implementation of a public relations strategy in the context of Latvia’s preparations for EU accession for the European Integration Bureau, Government of Latvia.  Funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Human Resource Development Workshop held in Beirut.  Organised and funded by the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform.  Participants were drawn from the Lebanese Government, Parliament, the Civil Service, academic institutions and the media.

Election management, strategic and human resource management guidance and communications and media relations advice for the Independent Electoral Commission in their preparations for the election which took place in Lesotho in 2002.  Funded by DFID.

Assistance provided to the National Authorisation Office and the European Commission with developing a strategy for support to the Government of Lesotho in the area of governance, primarily focused on support to the judiciary, anti-corruption and money laundering as well as national audit.  Funded by EC.

Advice on assessment and selection methods for recruiting the Senior Executive Service, Government of Liberia.  Aim was to develop a cadre of senior public servants to help transform the Civil Service into a more professional, effective and accountable institution.  Project supported the Civil Service Agency, run in collaboration with CoEn Consulting (Ghana) and funded...

Assistance to the Government Commission in developing an integrated three-year organisational strategic plan that links programme support and outputs for the mandate areas to guide policy development and implementation strategy work of the Commission.  Funded by SIDA.

Two substantial and closely-linked consecutive projects in support of public administration reform in Macedonia. Implemented measures to strengthen the public administration and support the reform process in a) policy coordination and strategic planning b) institution and capacity building and c) human resource management.  Projects worked closely with the General Secretariat of the...

Technical assistance for the Sector for the Implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.  Advice provided on setting up the sector and the process of assuming its responsibilities.  Project was funded by the European Commission.

Advice on developing a strategic plan for the Judicial Training Academy.  Assignment covered issues of strategy and strategic planning, curriculum development and training delivery for the Academy.  Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Freedom of Information workshop for representatives from the civil service, parliament, the judiciary, parastatal organisations, academic institutions, political parties and non-government organisations.  Funded by the British Council, Malawi.

Provision of assistance to the Academy of Public Administration in establishing operational capacity to deliver personnel management training to civil servants.  A personnel management course was designed, a small group of national trainers was trained and a pilot programme delivered.  Project funded by the World Bank.

Assistance provided to the Government of Moldova Department for Coordinating Policies and External Assistance in designing and implementing a system of analysis, policy coordination and conciliation to improve effectiveness in implementing national development and poverty reduction programmes.  Project funded by the World Bank.

A short scoping mission funded by DFID to establish with the Federative Republics of Yugoslavia, Serbian and Montenegrin authorities the needs of different parts of administrations in taking forward the process of EU integration.

Implementation of budgetary and salary system reform with the objective of increasing fiscal transparency and achieving better-informed decision-making with the budgeting process, as well as strengthening the capacity of the State administration in recruiting, maintaining and rewarding skilled staff. Project was funded by the European Commission and implemented in a...

End-of-programme evaluation of the project on Human Rights Training for judges, prosecutors, lawyers and law enforcement officials.  Funded by the Council of Europe.

Design and delivery of two-day seminar on developing a code of conduct and guidelines on conflict of interest for public officials for Ministers, Members of Parliament, members of the judiciary and civil servants.  Funded and co-facilitated by the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat and held in Maputo.

Advice to the Namibia Water Resources Management Review Team, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development, on setting up the Namibia Water Resources Management Agency, the first Executive Agency in the Namibian public service.  Funded by the Government of Namibia and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ).

Mid-term review of the Secondary Education Support Programme, Government of Nepal, funded by Danida.  Assignment included reviewing progress, drafting a Memorandum of Understanding and advising the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Department of Education on structuring and formation of the budget and accounting procedures.

Part of a consortium for a major State and Local Government Project in Nigeria.  Four pilot states, Benue, Enugu, Ekiti and Jigawa, were selected with the aim of extending the programme of advice and support to other states as the project developed.  Funded by DFID.

Short assignment to advise the Head of the Nigeria Civil Service and the Bureau of Public Service Reforms on the preparation of a strategic plan for public service reform in Nigeria for submission to the World Bank.  Funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Provision of advice on setting up a joint donor-funding mechanism to support the election in 2007.  Work included drafting a Contribution Agreement for the donors and guidelines for managing their Basket Fund.  Funded by the European Commission.

Mid-Term Review to assess the performance of the EC programme of support to the Nigerian Electoral Cycle 2006 – 2011 in terms of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.  Funded by the European Commission.

Independent external evaluation of programme on Improving Food Security for People in Gaza.  Programme implemented by the World Food Programme and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.  Implemented in collaboration with Atos (UK) and funded by DFID.

Design and feasibility study to formulate a project focused on strengthening government agencies involved in fighting corruption in the Philippines.  Support provided to the Office of the Ombudsman and the Inter-Agency Anti-Graft Co-ordinating Council.  Funded by the European Commission.

Tailor-made professional development programme on “Putting People First : the key to improving service delivery”, commissioned by the Asian Development Bank and run in Manila. Participants included representatives from central and local government and non-government organisations in Bangladesh, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.  Run in collaboration with the International Development...

Consultancy inputs and special study programmes for the Ministry of National Education under a project on Strategic Measures for Achieving Reform Targets.  Worked with senior Polish Government officials to develop and strengthen their Strategic Policy Unit. Funded by the European Commission Phare programme.

Management training in Krakow for local government administrators.  Overall aim was to prepare local authorities for managing economic development and attracting inward investment.  Funded by the British Council.

Civil Service Reform Project based in the Office of the Secretary-General.  Main objectives were to develop the Office’s capacity to act as a co-ordinator of Romanian Government policy and to assist it in developing a systematic, coherent and professional approach to human resource management in the civil service.  Funded by DFID.

Project of Support for Public Administration Reform for the Ministry for the Civil Service and the National Agency for Civil Servants. Provision of top-level policy advice on the implementation of the Civil Service Law and the development of strategies for modernising the Civil Service. Funded by DFID.

Consultancy advice for an EC funded project focused on strengthening the training capacity of the National Institute of Administration (NIA) and Regional Training Centres.  Assistance included development and implementation of the HR strategy, internal and external communication skills, institutional development strategy, in-service training strategy, training programmes on developing coaching abilities, revision...

Administrative Reform project to improve the institutional capacity of the government of Russia.  Consultancy provided on policy and legal advice by strengthening the position of executive bodies and status of the civil service through on-the-job assistance and capacity building.  Project implemented at Federal and Regional levels.  Funded by the European Commission Tacis programme and...

Conducted a Project Evaluation Review of a World Bank funded Human Resources Development Project (HRDP) for the Ministry of Education.  Assessed the design, quality, flexibility and implementation of the project and how successful it was in meeting its objectives.  Considered technical, financial, economic, social and managerial aspects of the HRDP’s implementation.  Funded by...

Job Evaluation, Grading and Career Progression project for the Civil Service, Government of Rwanda.  Project based in the Ministry of Labour and Public Service.  Funded by the World Bank.

Short scoping mission funded by DFID to establish with the Federative Republics of Yugoslavia, Serbian and Montenegrin authorities the needs of different parts of administrations in taking forward the process of EU integration.

Support to Public Administration Reform project aimed at enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of public administration in Serbia in line with the Public Administration Reform Strategy and in accordance with the requirements of the EU integration process. Funded by the EU and implemented in a consortium led by Human...

Three-year DFID funded project on the Establishment of a Human Resource Management Office and Implementation of a Records Management Improvement Programme.  PAI worked in collaboration with the International Records Management Trust (UK) and CoEn Consulting (Ghana) to support the Government of Sierra Leone’s Governance Reform Secretariat.

Three-year DFID funded project to conduct Management and Functional Reviews Across the Full Range of Government of Sierra Leone Ministries.  Project designed to support the Governance Reform Secretariat.  Implemented in collaboration with CoEn (Ghana).

Project to develop a seven-year strategic plan for re-launching the tourism sector, including a review of legislation and regulations and of the draft tourism policy and action plan, an organisational and infrastructural review of the tourism sector and provision of policy and management recommendations for the Ministry of Tourism and...

Policy management, budget reform and civil service reform were main components of the Support to Public Administration Reform project.  PAI-led consortium with the Civil Service College Directorate of the Centre for Management and Policy Studies, UK Cabinet Office, and Northern Ireland Enterprises (NI-CO).  Funded by DFID.

Project to draft the Ethics Code and the Code of Conduct for journalists and public officials and design a training curriculum in ethics, transparency and access to information.  Project carried out in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Unit in the Office of the Government and funded by the European Commission.

European Commission funded project to Support the National Programme for Decentralisation and Reform of Public Administration in Slovakia.  Included a series of seminars for elected representatives to the Self-Governments regional authorities on the process of decentralization at central and local administration level and a series of seminars on human resource management.

Series of programmes to train Supreme Court Judges about rules concerning protection of competition in the EU and Slovakia with the aim of ensuring accurate implementation of EU Laws on accession to the EU.  Funded by the European Commission.

Conducted a final evaluation of the EC funded Capacity Building and Institutional Development for the South African Police Service and the Department of Safety and Security project. Funded by the European Commission.

Provided consultancy advice for the EC funded Stocktaking Study of EU-South Africa Governance Programme 2000 – 2006 by developing a comprehensive overview, considering resources allocated, partners and results achieved.

Programme of assistance to Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) to provide a human resource management system to the State Ministry of Health in Upper Nile State.  Project built capacity of key staff within the Ministry to identify roles and responsibilities of staff, develop clear and consistent performance indicators for formal appraisal...

Programme of assistance to the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) to provide human resource management advice to the Ministry of Labour and Public Service in Jonglei State.  Project enhanced the capacity of key staff within the Ministry in developing job descriptions, reforming recruitment policies and drawing up a human resource management manual.  Funded by...

Core Skills Training (Phase II) Project to provide capacity development for the civil service in human resource management, English language, business English and gender awareness. Based in Juba and five pilot states and implemented in consortium with the British Council, Skills for Southern Sudan and ROI (Netherlands).  Funded by the Capaciy Building Trust...

In a consortium with SKL International (Sweden) and the Overseas Development Institute (UK), a framework contract with SIDA for short-term assignments in the Democracy and Public Administration area, including public financial management, public administration, local democracy, political institutions and rule of law.

Conducted an end-of-project evaluation of the Cultural Tourism Development Programme aimed at supporting the Syrian Government to promote Syria as a cultural tourist destination.  Objective was to help decision-makers in the Government of Syria and the European Commission to assess the impact and sustainability of the Programme.

Within the framework of the EC funded Support to Civil Service Reform project in Tajikistan, our consultant ran two workshops for senior civil servants on legal and human resource management aspects of civil service reform.  Project implemented by a consortium led by Human Dynamics (Austria).

Development of the civil service remuneration system based on performance-related incentive scheme.  Included development of a civil service job classification and grading system and civil servant wage grid system.  Recommendations made for development of a performance pay system. Funded by the World Bank.

Assessment of the capacity of the Prime Minister’s Office, Local Government Reform Programme (PMO-RALG), to implement the Government of Tanzania’s decentralisation by devolution policy.  Examined the capacity of the PMO-RALG and the Regional Secretariats and reported to the government on steps to be taken to progress the decentralisation process.  Project funded by...

Review of the Tristan da Cunha public sector, focussing on its capacity, effectiveness, efficiency and affordability, including producing a prioritised set of recommendations to increase the performance of the public sector, taking into account the broader social consequences of suggested reforms.  In collaboration with the National School of Government and funded...

Assessment of training needs for the senior staff at the European Union General Secretariat. Designing and delivering training modules on communication, negotiation and drafting skills in the context of EU accession.  Project funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Global Opportunity Fund (GOF) and managed by the British Council in...

Awareness raising workshop for the Prime Ministry General Directorate of Local Administration and Department for Improvement of Administration, Turkey, on the UK Citizen’s Charter with an emphasis on the water charter and on water subscription issues.  Funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Global Opportunity Fund (GOF) in Ankara.

Training for senior staff at the Ministry of European Integration on EU negotiating skills in the context of EU accession.  Project funded by the British Council in Ankara.

Assessment of the progress achieved by the Government of Ukraine in the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan and assistance to the European Commission in preparing an ENP Action Plan implementation review.  Project funded by the European Commission.

Support to the Government of Ukraine in the development of EU policy co-ordination mechanism for control and co-ordination of EU policy formulation, analysis, impact assessment and implementation and coordination of donor support for the EU-Ukraine Action Plan implementation.  Project implemented in a consortium led by the British Council (Ukraine) and CPM...

As part of Phase V of the Ukrainian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre, provided assistance in approximation of the national legislation to that of the EU in all the areas covered by the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, the European Neighbourhood Action Plan and the Association Agreement. Project funded by the...

In consortium with several US and UK-based partners, a “framework” contract on International Legislative Strengthening, covering all parts of the world.

United Nations Development Fund Programme External Evaluation Mission to review the UNDP’s Development Support Services Programme objectives and outcomes and provide recommendations on future activities.

Mid-term review of the Government of Vietnam’s public administration reform strategy. PAI’s consultancy team worked with counterparts in the Ministry of Home Affairs and other key agencies to review progress to date and to make recommendations for priority activities for the remainder of the project.  Funded by the United Nations Development...

Evaluation of outgoing and identification of incoming support to public administration modernisation in Yemen by drawing lessons from previous donor interventions; investigating innovative approaches to link public administration modernisation to administrative decentralisation and strengthening of local governance; as well as study the potential involvement of Non-State Actors in these processes. Funded...