Public Administration Assessments

We offer a full package of Public Administration Reform (PAR) assessments for donors and other international organizations, based on tried and tested methods. The main purpose is to provide a factual basis and analysis that can be used by development agencies to plan and design their assistance to PAR. The assessments will help donors to:

  • Gain a comprehensive picture of the administrative and political situation in countries as a basis for designing their overall PAR strategies
  • Gather details on the state of development in specific fields of administration, including current and planned activities of other donors in these fields
  • Establish priorities for assistance to PAR
  • Design Terms of Reference for specific assistance projects
  • Identify potential political and administrative counterparts for future projects, including assessment of their level of commitment and influence
  • Raise awareness of the importance of PAR and of the reform of specific areas.

We have brought together a group of experts who have unrivalled experience of carrying out these assessments, as well as designing, implementing and supervising reform programmes in many countries.

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Project references

Kosovo 2016 – 2020

Four-year framework contract to build capacity in policy development for the Office of the Prime Minister, in particular its General Co-ordination Secretariat, Legal Office, Strategic Planning Office and Public Communications Office, as well as in line Ministries.  Implemented in partnership with Europartners Development (Albania) and Humelica (Belgium).  Funded by the Swedish International Development Agency

Palestine 2012 – 2015

Independent external evaluation of programme on Improving Food Security for People in Gaza.  Programme implemented by the World Food Programme and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.  Implemented in collaboration with Atos (UK) and funded by DFID.

Armenia 2015

Development of a methodology and training on job evaluation for the Civil Service Council and Human Resource Managers in line Ministries.  Funded by the World Bank and implemented in a consortium with Avenue Consulting Group (Armenia).


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