Structural Reform Support Service Framework Contract for European Union Member States

In by Amanda Anderson

To help EU Member States effectively to design and implement structural reform programmes, the European Commission set up a Framework Contract – the Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS) in July 2015. The SRSS provides and coordinates – on request- specialised technical support to EU Member States.
The Framework Contract is to provide services to the European Commission, particularly to support the design and implementation of institutional, administrative and growth-sustaining structural reforms in EU Member States across the following policy areas:

1. Governance and Public Administration: State governance and better policy making, Human resources management, Efficiency of organization of the State and service delivery, Transparency, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering activities, Judicial systems, e-Government, Migration and border policy

2. Revenue Administration and Public Financial Management: Revenue collection, Budget preparation, Spending reviews, Fiscal strategy and tax policy, Supreme Audit Institutions/Fiscal Councils

3. Growth and Business Environment: Investment licensing, Competition policy, Trade issues, Digital society, Land registry, Energy union, Better regulation, State-owned enterprise management, Sectoral expertise in Transport, Environment, Water and Agriculture

4. Labour Market, Health, Social Services: Labour market and social cohesion policies; Long-term care policies; Welfare system; Pension systems; Healthcare systems; Education; vocational education and training; research

5. Financial Sector and Access to Finance: Access to finance, Capital markets union, Bank supervision and resolution, Non-performing loans, Insolvency, Insurance and pensions, Competition issues.