Choosing the Right People: Current approaches to recruitment and selection for human resource professionals and Public Service Commissions

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Duration: 1 week
Dates: 6 to 10 September 2021
Tuition fees: £2,255 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
This workshop uses the experience in the UK and internationally to focus on:
• The process of managing a fair and open recruitment and selection system
• The variety of recruitment processes into the civil and public service
• The latest approaches to identifying and retaining talent
• The process for selection and career development interviews, including the skills for interviewers to make good and fair decisions
• Civil service and HR reform and improving capability of civil servants.

The practical issues surrounding the recruitment, selection and development of civil and public servants will be covered, as will the main themes being addressed in the UK Government’s programme of reforming and modernizing the UK Civil Service, including the developments in Human Resources (HR) Transformation.

What the workshop will cover
There will be presentations, discussion and sessions with HR practitioners providing centralised recruitment, selection and talent support in central Government Ministries and other public service organisations. It will also include visits (where possible) to key relevant institutions and will provide ample opportunity for you to share your own experiences and to speak directly to those responsible for recruitment policies and decisions.
How participants will benefit

The workshop will:
• Enable you to consider the selection cycle and understand in depth the stages and the requirements of HR managers and other staff at each step in the cycle
• Give you an opportunity to explore the work of the UK Government’s Civil Service Resourcing, Ministries and Agencies responsible for civil and public service recruitment and selection
• Provide a forum for you to review and improve your approach to selection and recruitment, attracting and developing talent
• Explore the UK approach to modernising HR and improving the effectiveness of the civil and public service
• Encourage you to share your own experiences, learn about others’ approaches, review your own challenges and prepare an action plan to meet those challenges.