Combating Fraud and Corruption in a Global Pandemic – Virtual workshop

In Good Governance by Amanda Anderson

Duration: 1 week
Dates: 10 to 14 May 2021
Tuition fees: £1,250 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
At PAI, we are committed to the goal that all our participants can continue to learn and develop during the global pandemic.  We are pleased to present our new virtual workshop covering key issues in the fight against corruption and economic crime in the midst of, and when emerging from, the current pandemic.

The workshop includes:
• The fundamental principles of combatting fraud and corruption
• The increased risks of economic crime in the present context
• Ways in which organisations have changed and continue to change and what that means for fraud and corruption prevention
• The importance of codes of conduct
• How to identify and manage conflicts of interest
• The benefits and risks of creating specialist investigative agencies and courts
• A review of the latest approaches internationally to preventing and responding to fraud and corruption
• An opportunity to understand cybercrime in context
• An introduction to steps you can take to protect yourself and your organisation from the threat of cybercrime.

Public, parastatal and private sector organisations, civil society and not for profit bodies all deliver services in a range of ways in widely varying and rapidly evolving contexts but everywhere we face a similar challenge: how to maintain integrity and ethical conduct.  From ‘quiet corruption’ which damages public trust and service delivery, through to ‘grand corruption’ which distorts a country’s economy, there is a need to develop effective tools to meet this challenge.

Who is the workshop for?
• Parliamentarians
• Senior policy makers and managers in the public, private and not for profit sector
• Presidential or special advisers
• Local government officials
• Vigilance officers
• Investigators
• Risk managers
• People responsible for detecting and prosecuting financial crimes
• Representatives from civil society organisations
• All those with responsibility for or a special interest in ethics, anti-corruption and good

How participants will benefit
The workshop will enable you to:
• Enhance your understanding of ways of establishing, embedding, communicating and upholding core values
• Identify areas of risk
• Analyse systems for dealing with conflicts of interest
• Consider how to create the environment within which transparency and accountability can more readily be improved
• Understand mechanisms for detecting corruption and unethical behaviour
• Learn about some of the latest approaches to tackling financial and economic wrongdoing
• Consider the role of specialist investigative, prosecutorial and judicial agencies and how to improve their effectiveness
• Explore options for cross-institution working.

Pre-workshop induction
We will create a practice session for participants to join Zoho ShowTime so that you understand the full functionality of the learning platform. This will be arranged one week prior to the virtual workshop. During the induction, our Workshop Director will introduce some initial familiarisation questions that we will send to you. These questions will help our Workshop Director to understand more about each participant, for example, how long you have been in your particular role, your responsibilities, professional experience and any previous relevant training/development you have undertaken. We will ask you whether you have any specific training needs or areas of work you would like to understand better. The questionnaire will also ask you to self-assess your current knowledge/skills and interest in certain areas of the programme.

What the workshop will cover
A large component of this remote workshop will involve attending short live webinars each day over a one-week period. At times outside the webinar sessions, participants will be expected to complete self-study or work remotely, either alone or in groups, on exercises set by the Workshop Director. All participants will have to complete each element of the programme and will need to fully commit both their time and effort throughout. Participants will connect in online discussions, on social media, and platforms such as Zoom for any group activities.

Our workshop will be delivered using Zoho ShowTime, a web conference software which has features that let us interact with you in real time.