Effective Records and Information Management: Practical approaches for sustainable document, records and knowledge systems

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Duration: 2 weeks
Dates: 1 to 12 July 2019
Tuition fees: £3,950 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
Every organisation needs accurate information to develop, deliver and assess the effectiveness of its policies, programmes and services and to make informed decisions. Poorly managed content can result in severe consequences for an organisation; relying on inaccurate or out-of-date information can lead to bad decisions being made and the implementation of unnecessary or ineffective policies.

Poor information and knowledge management can also mean unnecessary expenditure on keeping material that is no longer needed as well as decreased productivity due to the need to recreate data that cannot be found. An inadequately maintained information environment provides increased risk of criminal activity such as cybercrime, corruption, fraud and money laundering.

This workshop is in two modular weeks which can be attended as separate modules or as a two-week programme to gain a more comprehensive understanding of effective approaches to managing information resources in all formats and media. It provides practical tools and methods to design and implement sustainable knowledge and content management systems.

Week one concentrates on achieving international standards in information and records management and week two will focus on protecting your organisation from cybercrime and enhancing your information security.


Who is it for?
makers, records and information managers, records practitioners and anyone concerned with improving corporate governance and organisational effectiveness through better information handling. It will focus on international standards and practical experiences in the UK and in a range of other countries with a view to sharing global good practice. It will be particularly useful for those in organisations considering introducing enhancements to their information infrastructures.

As this is a records and information management focused workshop, it is not aimed at system analysis and IT professionals and will not focus on programming solutions.


How participants will benefit
During week one the workshop will:

  • Introduce you to best practice for information and records management as expressed in ISO 15489
  • Explain the key components of corporate intellectual control
  • Show you how to analyse and develop information management procedures
  • Explore how to build capacity among information creators, users and managers
  • Consider the best ways to monitor and evaluate knowledge management systems.

During week two the workshop will:

  • Help you to apply systematic processes for information retention and disposal
  • Demonstrate the key principles of informational security
  • Identify and analyse the key risks to your information resources
  • Introduce you to the types of cybercrime and cyber enabled crime
  • Show you the steps to take if a cyber attack on your information is suspected.


Please view our 2019 Brochure (opens in a PDF document)