Internal Audit and Risk Management: Adding value

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Duration: 1 week
Dates: 2020 dates coming soon
Tuition fees: £2,190 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
We are now in a period of unprecedented economic pressure which is affecting most countries around the world. This increases the need for public sector organisations to sustain efficient and effective services – perhaps with reduced resources.  As a result, public sector bodies across the globe are reshaping their systems and processes to ensure that their objectives can be met economically, efficiently and effectively.

Politicians and senior managers need assurance that these systems and processes will deliver the performance objectives the organisation must achieve.  Two key processes contributing to that assurance are risk management and internal audit.  All too often risk management is a “bolt on” process rather than being truly part of the way the organisation is run.  Risk management should be part of line management thinking and concentrate on identifying and managing the key risks to the achievement of objectives.  Similarly, internal audit is often focused narrowly on financial processes rather than providing assurance on all the systems and processes, financial or otherwise, for achieving objectives.

This workshop sets out current good practice in both these areas and gives an opportunity for participants to visit a selection of public sector bodies and talk to practitioners.  Case studies add a further practical element to the workshop.

Who is it for?
The workshop will be especially beneficial for:

  • Senior managers responsible for governance issues such as internal audit or risk management. The workshop provides guidance on good practice developments which can be introduced
  • Heads of internal audit and their senior managers for whom the workshop will provide guidance on current good practice developments, and more detail and insight about the risk management processes on which they will provide assurance to senior management.

How participants will benefit
The workshop is designed to allow you to:

  • Explain internal audit and risk management in the context of your organisation
  • Share experience of good practice developments and practical lessons learned from their implementation in both UK and other countries
  • Share your own experiences of managing and implementing risk management and internal audit
  • Enable you to explore how these developments may be introduced and/or implemented in your own jurisdiction.

“I would like to commend PAI for a job well done in running this programme. I would also like to thank them for inviting the Central Bank of the Philippines to participate. This has been a memorable learning experience for me.”
Mrs Nancy Bernardo, Deputy Director, Central Bank of Philippines