Internal Audit – Kuala Lumpur

In Procurement and Public Finance by Amanda Anderson

Duration: 1 week
Location: Kuala Lumpur 
Dates: 7 to 11 October 2019
Tuition fees: £2,300 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
The role of internal audit is changing.  It is now a key element of corporate governance.  The auditor is now working with management to improve controls and assist in the development of effective corporate governance.  The control environment and the management of risk now form a key part of the internal audit focus.  Through that focus they provide assurance to management and the board as to whether the controls and the overall control environment are effective.  This workshop examines the changing role and techniques and skills required of the modern internal auditor.


What the workshop will cover
The workshop will cover the role of the auditor and consider how that can best be applied in your own organisations.  It will set out good practice in terms of the audit plan, planning and managing audits and reporting.  It will discuss the development of the relationship with the client and will explore management arrangements, including with respect to Audit Committees.   The workshop will examine different audit approaches and techniques, including risk-based internal audit, systems auditing and forensic auditing. It will consider how an effective control environment can be assessed and delivered.


How participants will benefit
The workshop is designed to allow you to:

  • Develop internal audit practice in your organisation and consider what your role should be
  • Understand how to contribute to effective corporate governance
  • More effectively plan and manage the internal audit function
  • Learn the techniques involved in modern internal audit
  • Share your own experiences of internal audit with and learn from those of the other participants.