Managing Elections: Techniques and perspectives

In Good Governance by publicadmin

Duration: 1 week
Dates: 9 to 13 September 2019
Tuition fees: £2,195 (exc. VAT)

About the programme
Recent years have seen a considerable increase in elections being held around the world.  Numerous countries emerging from conflict or from authoritarian regimes are looking to elections as a positive step towards democratic governance.  Established democracies also continuously seek to optimise the way they manage elections, as modern technologies provide new mechanisms for improvements in citizen participation and electoral administration.

Electoral administrators are faced with immense operational tasks in often challenging political environments.  It is increasingly recognised that solid professional knowledge and skills are required to manage electoral processes effectively.  The international community is introducing global standards, and examples of best practice for effective and accountable elections management are accumulating.  However, electoral administrators do not always have ready access to such information.  Formal opportunities for training in election management are still rare. There is a lack of opportunity to meet with counterparts and exchange expertise at an international level.

Through this professional development workshop, PAI offers vital information on how best to manage elections.  The workshop is designed to provide electoral administrators – and other election stakeholders from public administration, civil society, political parties and the media – training in the most effective electoral management techniques and hands-on, practical skills.  As a participant, you will also meet with counterparts from the United Kingdom and Europe, to learn about good practice and the latest trends, and to establish useful contacts for the future.  PAI has a recognised track record in capacity building and continuous professional development and can draw on its relations with key UK electoral institutions and a pool of senior-level election experts and practitioners who will share their UK and international experience with you.

Who is it for?
Our workshop targets:

  • People from election management bodies
  • Senior policy makers and managers from government, public administration and election tribunals who are actively involved in the electoral process
  • Members of political parties
    • Representatives from the media and from civil society
    • Election observers
    • International professionals and donor representatives involved in electoral assistance.

How participants will benefit
The workshop is designed to enable you to:

  • Broaden your knowledge of practices, recent developments and innovations in electoral processes, using a comparative analysis of the UK and other countries
  • Exchange experiences with fellow election professionals from a range of other countries
  • Identify aspects of UK and international experience that can be applied in your own country
  • Improve your day-to-day management and planning skills with useful tools and techniques
  • Enable you to interact and communicate effectively with election stakeholders in your own country (for example, civil society, observers, political parties and the media)
  • Introduce you to key experts and practitioners, so that you can develop lasting networks for exchange and knowledge transfer.
  • You will be awarded a CMI certificate at the end of the workshop as well as a PAi certificate. You will also benefit from a year’s free access to the CMI’s “ManagementDirect” online resource, which offers materials and practical tools for further learning and development.



Please view our Brochure 2019  (opens in a PDF document)