Monitoring and Evaluation in a Fast-moving Environment: Tools, techniques and learning from practical experience – Virtual workshop

In Managing and Monitoring International Projects by Amanda Anderson

Duration: 1 week
Induction Date: 7 December 2020
Dates: 14 to 18 December 2020
Tuition fees: £1,235 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
This workshop on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) draws on a wide variety of scenarios and examples, including the global Coronavirus pandemic, to demonstrate the tools, processes and procedures that will enable you to:

• Improve your knowledge in all of the key areas required for effective and efficient M&E
• Understand how good M&E practices can assist in delivering maximum value for money and securing the desired outcomes
• Ensure that M&E is not used only as a reporting mechanism but also as a key pro-active learning tool
• Be aware of the risks that may arise by not implementing good M&E procedures
• Ensure that M&E methods are applied appropriately across your organisation’s portfolio of work so as to ensure accountability and benefit to all stakeholders
• Understand the tools, techniques and documents need to establish a robust M&E culture.

After the workshop ends, there will be an opportunity for a further one-to one-coaching session with the Workshop Director to follow up on one or more topics covered during the programme.

Who is it for?
This workshop is intended for those with some experience of monitoring and evaluation. It has been designed to build on and enhance your skills and understanding of M&E and learning and to work through some of the challenges in carrying out M&E in an effective and efficient manner. It does not exclude newcomers to M&E, as the basics and the end-to-end process are explained at the beginning of the workshop and the practical exercises give all participants the opportunity to try out new tools.

The practical hints and tips will enhance your ability to become more agile in a changing and sometimes turbulent environment. The workshop will also benefit senior managers responsible for setting up a new, or enhancing an existing Monitoring and Evaluation service within their organisation and it provides an excellent grounding for staff who wish to pursue a career in Monitoring and Evaluation.

How participants will benefit
The workshop will enable you to:
• View the M&E process from end-to-end
• Improve the operation and management of the M&E function through results-based M&E
• Through a series of practical exercises, practise the use of tools and techniques
• Have access to a number of ready-to-use templates
• Understand the importance of selecting the right data for collection to enable you to analyse and turn into meaningful management information
• Gain an insight into the use of current data collection and analysis tools
• Understand how to learn from failures and successes
• Contribute to the achievement of desired strategic development goals.

Our workshop will be delivered using Zoho ShowTime, a web conference software which has features that let us interact with you in real time and provide you with slides and learning materials including websites and video.

Pre-workshop induction
We will create a practice session for participants to join Zoho ShowTime so that you understand the full functionality of the learning platform. This will be arranged on Monday 7 December 2020. During the induction, our Workshop Director will introduce some initial familiarisation questions that we will send to you. These questions will help our Workshop Director to understand more about you, how long you have been in your particular role, your responsibilities, professional experience and any previous relevant training/ development you have undertaken. We will ask you about your workplace activities and whether you have any specific training needs or areas of work you would like to understand better. The questionnaire will also ask you to self-assess your current knowledge/skills and interest in certain areas of the programme.

What the workshop will cover
A large component of this remote workshop will involve attending short live webinars each day over a one week period. At times outside the webinar sessions, you will be expected to complete self-study or work remotely, either alone or in groups, on exercises set by the Workshop Director. All participants will have to complete each element of the programme and will need to fully commit both their time and effort throughout. You will connect in online discussions, on social media, and platforms such as Zoom for any group activities.

Webinar sessions will run every day from Monday to Friday over the one week period. These will be technical webinars delivered by the Workshop Director or a guest speaker, depending on the content. The sessions will be interactive, with opportunities for you to ask questions and engage with other participants in the chat room and with the presenters throughout the sessions. Each session will last between 75 and 90 minutes. From the second day, there will be a discussion of up to half-hour at the start of each session to review the previous day and discuss with the Workshop Director the results/ findings of the exercises from the day before.

Following the end of each daily session, you will be asked to work through an exercise discussed in the session. This may take the form of individual or group work and should take no longer than thirty minutes. You will need to email the Workshop Director the results of your practical work by an agreed time each day. The practical work results will be assessed and feedback will be given to you the following day. Alternatively, the session may involve self-study set by the Workshop Director.

One element of the practical exercises will be focussed around a scenario that can be used and developed throughout the duration of the workshop programme. As the training is an “open course” the scenario will be based upon a situation that will not be overly technical and probably something that participants around the world will be familiar with. Hints, tips and guidance on responding to these exercises will be provided for you on a daily basis.

At the close of the week, there will be a programme recap and summary with the Workshop Director, together with a review and evaluation conducted by PAI Director, Claire Cameron. We will send you an evaluation form in advance so that you can complete it before the end of the workshop.
We will issue certificates to all participants who complete the workshop and the required group exercises and assessments. We will also ask you to re-visit your self-assessment ratings following the learning from the programme.