Effective Tendering, Award of Contract and Managing the Provider: Practical approaches

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Duration: 1 week
Dates: 21 to 25 October 2019
Tuition fees: £2,140 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
This workshop is week one of two modular weeks which can be attended as separate modules or combinations of both to gain a more comprehensive understanding of procurement.

The procurement cycle is a series of steps that must take place to ensure that due process is followed in ensuring properly competitive sourcing and to support value for money.

This workshop will help you to identify and comply with the key stages and processes, as well as understanding vital procurement issues. These include the impact of consumer demand; contractor management; strategic planning; defining service and product quality; ensuring regulatory compliance, review and assessment of documents and systems.

It will improve your knowledge of procurement and contracting, tendering processes and regulatory frameworks, risks in all parts of the procurement cycle, procurement strategies, contract supervision and termination.This workshop will cover a modern approach to procurement and explain the World Bank’s procurement guidance and give practical assistance in planning procurement and contracting.

Who is it for?
This workshop is aimed at anyone involved in letting or managing contracts for goods, services and works.

How the participants will benefit
The workshop will enable you to:

  • Gain knowledge in all the key areas required for anyone working in procurement, whether as a procurement specialist or as a public service manager with regular procurement or contracting needs
  • Gain maximum value for money and commercial advantage
  • Ensure robust procurement processes are aligned to changing national and international statutory and regulatory requirements, including World Bank guidelines
  • Understand how to develop a robust contractor regime