Shape of Procurement in a Changing World: Practical contracting skills and management – Dubai

In Procurement and Public Finance, Managing and Monitoring International Projects by Amanda Anderson

Duration: 1 week
Dates: 20 to 24 June 2022
Tuition fees: £2,425 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
This new workshop programme is designed from a practical standpoint to support and inform those who are involved in the procurement journey in their organisations. It is both a stand-alone workshop and a complementary session to the two week programmes to be held in London: ‘The Shape of Procurement in a Changing World’ in April and October 2022. It will help you to identify with the role and function of procurement in supporting the business organisation and provide a practical approach to the techniques within effective procurement and contract management. The sessions will also look at the role of procurement and audit in controlling and minimising the impact of malpractice.

What the workshop will cover
The programme delivers a detailed and practice-based approach to:
• quality methodology,
• designing specifications or terms of reference,
• bid evaluation,
• contract award,
• tender and contract management,
• procurement reviews, and
• controlling fraud and malpractice.

The programme includes:
• Understand and practice modern procurement processes, including key documentation, tendering, consistency in evaluation and awarding of contracts
• Know the key considerations in specifying client requirements
• Design-in quality considerations for goods, works and services
• Define performance standards and measures
• Ensure consistency and even-handedness in approaching the process
• Facilitate quality, compliance and good practice in contractor management
• Manage contracts and ensure contractor performance is maintained
• Know how to plan to achieve a robust, effective and resilient supply chain and understand its impact on the organisation
• Conduct post-procurement reviews.

How participants will benefit
The workshop covers the whole sourcing and procurement process, including audit and risk and will enable you to:
• Gain practical knowledge in all the key areas required for anyone needing
• Achieve a practical understanding of specifying, tendering and contract award across all aspects of goods, works and services
• Ensure that contract award and management methods are applied consistently across the whole organisation to obtain and deliver contract standards
• Plan and manage the supply chain to ensure consistency of service
• Appreciate the practical linkage between procurement and audit to manage and control the impact of malpractice across goods, works and services.