Training of Trainers: Developing talent and transferring skills

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Duration: 4 Days
Dates: 7 to 10 May 2024
Tuition fees:  £2,205 (excl. VAT)

About the workshop
Learning and Development professionals have had to adapt as to how learning solutions were being delivered over the last few years. As we move forward there is a huge demand for face-to-face training to be reintroduced as part of the learning options provided to our staff. We do though need to consider virtual training for the future as well.

This highly participative programme will look to enhance Learning and Development professional’s skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas. The programme will enable participants to review how to design and deliver training sessions in an engaging and stimulating way. There will be an emphasis on how to design current and up to date sessions and be able to deliver sessions with confidence and credibility. The programme will also look at how to commission learning solutions to ensure that the organisation gets value for money as well as quality training programmes.

Learning and Development professional’s also need to be able to provide additional services such as coaching/mentoring as well as be able to facilitate sessions as well. This programme will enable participants to acquire these skills to be able to implement and offer these services on their return to work.

What the workshop will cover
• The learning cycle
• Identification of learning needs
• Explore how to undertake learning needs analysis
• How to identify the appropriate learning solution
• Design a range of learning solutions
• Deliver in a safe environment learning sessions to increase your confidence
• Get facilitated feedback on your design/delivery style to enhance your level of skills
• Gather the latest thinking on learning and development solutions
• Understand how to facilitate, run focus groups in a range of settings
• Examine the tools and techniques to enable you to coach/mentor individuals on your return to work
• Understand the challenges with return on investment/evaluation.

How will participants benefit
During the workshop you will have the opportunity to:
• Explore different ways of learning
• Understand the learning cycle
• Increase your confidence in the design and delivery of training both face to face as well as virtually
• Enhance your knowledge and skills to be able to provide coaching/mentoring services on your return to work.