Groups from your organisation

In addition to our ‘open’ London-based workshops we regularly run programmes to suit our clients’ requirements.  We can adapt our annual international workshops and hold group programmes in the UK, in your country, a city of your choice or virtually.   This provides a cost effective solution and will facilitate implementation of lessons learnt for the whole team.

Our virtual training solutions are designed to simulate the traditional classroom or learning experience.  Since the start of the global pandemic we are proud that we have been able to adapt and deliver our workshops to the same high quality on a virtual basis.  You can expect the same participative training strategies including case studies, structured discussions, reinforced lectures and group work.   We believe that training should be learner centred and recognise that individuals have different aims and learning styles and that motivation is crucial to successful learning.

We use a variety of platforms to deliver our virtual workshops.  Zoho ShowTime, the platform used to host our highly successful free webinars, facilitates collaborative learning in our virtual classrooms through Q&As, polls, screen sharing, whiteboard and more.  We can upload videos, records and other content so that you can learn at your convenience, then evaluate your retention through a quiz.

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