Tailor made workshops

Our services

Our approach to designing a programme for you is to work in partnership with you.  The learning solutions will be designed and delivered based on your organisational objectives and can be run in the UK, your country or virtually.  We will identify your training needs, key objectives and intended outcomes.  During the design process we will continue to liaise with you, review and present the developed programme for your approval.

Other bespoke solutions include study and benchmarking visits to compare and contrast your organisation with organisations in the UK.

  • Culture, heritage and tourism (cultural policy and development, cultural heritage, tourism policy and development)
  • Doing business (promoting private sector development and economic growth)
  • Film, governance and society (film funding, regulation and classification)
  • Good governance (democracy, transparency, accountability, ethics, anti-corruption)
  • Legal and judicial reform (public law, human rights, legal drafting, law reform, judicial administration, prison and probation services)
  • Managing the performance of public sector organisations
  • Human resource management and capacity development (recruitment and selection, appointments, skills development, performance appraisal, public sector pay, grading and job evaluation,  human resource information systems, appeals)
  • Policy and strategy (policy making and analysis, consultation with the public, migration policy, climate change
  • Information and communications (freedom of information, records management)

Programme options

We can arrange a complete package, which includes designing, arranging and managing programmes, post-programme reporting, arrival and departure arrangements, accommodation and leisure activities. Or we can offer a combination of these services. We can provide detailed costings according to the content and length of the programme and the size of the group.


We can arrange transport from one of the London airports for groups and take them to their hotel (providing the hotel is in central London). We can also collect groups from their hotel and take them back to one of the London airports on return home. Please let us know if you would like us to include this as part of the workshop services.

How we manage our workshops

We will brief our speakers and visit hosts about your background, objectives and particular areas of interest if you provide us with this information in advance. Our Workshop Directors accompany groups and individuals on all visits, and they will set the context for each session, provide continuity and ensure that you gain as much as possible from your workshop. Case studies, practical exercises, group work and action planning sessions are included. We provide briefing and presentation materials during the workshop and for your future reference and follow-up on your return home. We also provide transport to and from all site visits, refreshments and a light lunch on each working day. We are also happy to provide information about health, welfare, travel, cultural and leisure activities, etc.

Feedback and evaluation

During your workshop, we encourage you to give us feedback so that we can try to make sure that you get the most out of your time with us. We invite you to assess the value of the workshop and provide us with comments before you return home. We also contact you about six months after you have attended one of our workshops to invite you to let us know whether you’ve been able to use the information and ideas to improve your area of work. We welcome suggestions for changes and improvements to our services and take these into consideration when we are planning future workshops.

Interpretation/ translation

We are familiar with working through interpreters and can provide interpretation and/or translation services. If you prefer to use your own interpreter, that is fine with us. Please note that our multi-national regular annual workshops are run in English and you will need a good knowledge of English to take part.


We provide a certificate of attendance for you if you complete the programme successfully. This includes regular and punctual attendance.

Complaints procedure

We are committed to delivering efficient, effective and high quality professional development workshops for our clients. As part of our culture of continuous improvement, we are keen for participants to have the opportunity to discuss any concerns about our services. Please click here to view our complaints procedure.


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