We are currently looking for associate consultants with experience in the following areas:
  • Public administration reform/transformation
  • Institutional development of public sector institutions
  • Human resource management and development
  • Local development strategies (social, economic, multi-sector)
  • Innovation in the public sector 
  • Digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence 
  • Capacity building and training
  • Monitoring, research, evaluation and learning 
  • Project and programme management
  • Anti-corruption and integrity in public life
  • Rule of law and justice sector reform
  • Legislative drafting
  • Ombudsman and complaint handling systems and alternative dispute resolution
  • Promotion and protection of fundamental human rights
  • The role and functioning of parliaments  
  • Support for electoral commissions 
  • Communications and media relations.

If you have relevant experience and would like to be considered for opportunities available please complete the form below.

Key Information Form

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