UK Integrated Security Fund Framework (ISF)

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The Integrated Security Fund (ISF) is the UK Government’s cross-departmental fund to tackle conflict and instability. The ISF framework has been established to provide access to high quality, effective, cost-benefit professional consultancy services to help the UK Government in delivering and supporting activities including security, defence, peace-keeping, peace-building and stabilisation. You can find further information about the ISF at:

We have been selected as a supplier for Lot 1 of the ISF, which focuses on the following themes:

  • Strengthening and protecting inclusive politics and civic accountability mechanisms
  • Access to formal, traditional and transitional justice
  • Serious organised crime, environmental crime, illicit finance and corruption
  • Preventing, managing and reducing violence
  • Stabilisation and state resilience
  • Human security provision and security actor reform
  • Women, peace and security
  • Climate change, biodiversity loss and climate security
  • Media development and outreach.

ISF assignments range from short-term to medium-term and are targeted projects aimed at promoting stability. They may require supporting a rapid or crisis response from the UK Government.

We are looking for individual consultants, preferably with recent experience of working with the UK Government, major international organisations, host governments and local stakeholders to deliver results in fragile and/or conflict-affected countries.

If you have relevant experience and are interested in opportunities arising from the ISF, please complete the online Key Information Form