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UK aid funded energy sector project in North Macedonia

One of our new projects is to assist the Government of North Macedonia to reform its energy sector through support in updating the key economic parameters of the National Strategy for Energy Development 2040.  Our work involves drafting of a clear, well-structured, evidenced-based five-year programme for implementing the strategy, designing and launching a communications plan so that the Government, civil society, industry and citizens are aware of the environmental benefits and opportunities set out in the strategy.  The project is financed through the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s Good Governance Fund Technical Assistance Facility for the Western Balkans and is implemented in a consortium led by Tetra Tech, along with advisers from the Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts and Centre for Change Management.

Positive feedback from Malta

We were very pleased to hear from one of workshop participants, Janine, from the Office of the Prime Minister, Malta. Janine joined our Planning and Implementing Your Change Strategy workshop in 2019. She rated the programme as very useful , especially the sessions and practical advice on how to managing and mitigating risks. Janine commented that, despite good risk assessment and planning, few organisations could have prepared for the current global coronavirus crisis. How true.

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