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Welcome to PAI’s news and views page. You will find news on recent consultancy projects, information on our range of workshops and insights from Workshop Directors and speakers and feedback from participants. 

Public sector transformation in the British Virgin Islands

Our British Virgin Islands Public Sector Transformation project has just been extended for another year. Excellent news. We're delighted to be continuing to support the Office of the Deputy Governor and the BVI Government with their ambitious and wide-ranging programme of public sector reform and service delivery improvement. The project is funded by the UK Government's Conflict, Stability and Security Fund.

Positive feedback from Malta

We were very pleased to hear from one of workshop participants, Janine, from the Office of the Prime Minister, Malta. Janine joined our Planning and Implementing Your Change Strategy workshop in 2019. She rated the programme as very useful , especially the sessions and practical advice on how to managing and mitigating risks. Janine commented that, despite good risk assessment and planning, few organisations could have prepared for the current global coronavirus crisis. How true.

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Reasons to be cheerful:                            An accountant looks beyond Coronavirus

Written by Ken MacNeill, PAI Workshop Director for our Finance and Corporate Governance programmes

Most managers and finance staff will have worked hard to prepare budgets for this or the upcoming financial year. These carefully crafted financial plans are now often ruined because of Coronavirus. Income has often fallen, possibly read more…

Your latest challenge is ………. how to maintain supplies?

Written by Dave Wells, PAI Workshop Director for our Procurement programmes

The global Covid-19 pandemic and the different impacts on Government services and the private sector alike have brought a new focus for professionals from all disciplines. One of the foremost areas affected has been that of procurement read more…

In search of a single version of the truth

Written by Neil McCallum, Workshop Director, PAI professional development workshop on Effective Records and Information Management: Practical approaches.

We have until very recently been living in an age which has witnessed the progressive dismissal of the role of facts, the value of statistics and the concept of expertise in favour of confident, increasingly combative assertions of certainty read more…

Leadership in the time of Coronavirus

Philip Champness, PAI Workshop Director   In January Chinese scientists reported a deadly new virus – coronavirus or COVID-19 – that spread from person to person and caused an acute respiratory disease. Of the first 99 cases 17% needed critical care and 11 people died read more…

“What is a public service without integrity?”

This question was asked by one of the participants in the two workshops held between 12 and 16 November and it perfectly sums up the focus of the discussions held. The workshops, which explored read more…