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Successful justice sector reform

Ongoing legal and judicial reforms focus on enhancing the performance of court systems – in particular – court administration. These measures seek to ensure appropriate methods and are used to improve the quality and speed of delivery in judicial decision-making processes…Read more

Keeping cities moving

Professor Gavin Drewry, PAI Workshop Director

‘Britain among the world’s worst for traffic jams’ – the headline of a news item in The Times newspaper, on 6 February 2018.  The report revealed that, as measured by the average amount of time spent by motorists in peak time traffic, Britain ranks as the world’s tenth most congested country – behind Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, the USA, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey…..Read more

Procurement and contract management

Modern business, whether in the public, private or non-government sector, relies on good financial controls, efficient and effective services and achieving value for money both for the organisation and its customers. The latter can of course be ‘customers’ in the traditional sense or citizens for whom a public body provides services such as transport, education, utilities etc…Read more

New projects in Armenia and The Gambia

We’re pleased to announce that we have recently won two new projects

Our project in Armenia is to establish a Needs-Based Training System in the Civil Service, including developing the main criteria for training civil servants; key principles for establishing training credits; principles for recognition of different types of international certificates; developing a methodology for carrying out the needs assessment; drawing up training programmes and undertaking capacity building activities for the civil service. Based in the Civil Service Office, the project is funded by the World Bank and implemented in partnership with the Institute of Public Administration (Ireland) and Avenue Consulting Group (Armenia), It will run until 2020.

In The Gambia we are continuing a project we implemented in 2013/2014 and are working with the Personnel Management Department of the Office of the President to take on further development of the job evaluation, pay and grading system for the civil service. This project runs from October 2019 for six months.

We’re looking forward very much to supporting both countries with their civil service improvement initiatives.

Bangladesh Change Management Team at PAI

We welcomed a high-level group of change managers from the Cabinet Division of the Government of Bangladesh to PAI in August. Their tailor-made study visit was part of an EC-funded project called Platforms for Dialogue, implemented by the British Council in Dhaka. The focus of the week was on change management in the public sector and how governments can improve their relationships and engagement with civil society. It was an intensive and varied week, with sessions on performance management, improving the capability of public servants, responding to and managing change, communicating change, human resource management and development and strengthening democracy. The group visited key practitioners in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the Cabinet Office as part of their programme.

Positive feedback from Bulgaria

We like to keep in contact with all the people who have attended our workshops in London to see how they are and to get some feedback, six to twelve months later, about how valuable the workshop is proving once participants are back at work. We were very pleased to hear from Nina Miniska from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in Bulgaria. Nina is a Chief Expert in the Ministry and she joined our workshop on “Managing and Monitoring Successful Projects : The complete project cycle” in June 2018. Nina said:

“The knowledge and skills I acquired from the workshop are extremely useful for our work as employment officials in the Ministry, dealing with European Operational Funds and their procedures and programming. Study visits are of great importance for us. Good practice and lessons learnt from project implementation in the UK are very helpful for the experts working in my organisation”.

Thank you, Nina, for your kind comments and we’re very glad that you are making such good use of the information and advice you received while you were at PAI. Do keep in touch.

Monitoring visit to Kosovo

Claire Cameron, PAI Director, and Vitaliy Baev, International Project Manager, visited Pristina recently to catch up with developments on our projects there. Their schedule included: meetings with the British Embassy, funders of our project to strengthen the Kosovo Competition Agency, the State Aid Department in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Procurement Review Board; discussions with the Director of the Public Procurement Review Board; a meeting with the Swedish International Development Agency, which is funding our project to develop capacity in policy formulation in the Office of the Prime Minister and line Ministries and Agencies; attending a training workshop on the preparation of policy Concept Documents; and team meetings with our international and local consultants. A very busy, interesting and productive few days in Pristina!

Better Policies, Better Lives workshop comes to North Macedonia

We’re delighted to be collaborating with our North Macedonian partner, the Centre for Change Management, to adapt one of our London-based workshops, “Better Policies, Better Lives: Using behavioural insights to evaluate and improve policy making” for senior public servants in North Macedonia. Read more

Meeting visiting delegation from Uzbekistan

PAI Directors, Claire and Slava, met a delegation of government officials from Uzbekistan attending a one-week study programme in the UK, organised by the National School of Government International… Read more

Promoting democracy across the Commonwealth

One our evaluation consultants, Rob Watson, has recently completed an evaluation of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Democracy Programme (2013 to 2017).  The evaluation study rated the Commonwealth Secretariat as a highly valued partner for Commonwealth countries… Read more

International best practice in training for Armenia

We’ve recently won a very interesting new project to develop a needs-based training system for the Civil Service in Armenia. We will be implementing it in consortium with Avenue Consulting Group from Armenia and the Irish Institute of Public Administration. Part of a World Bank funded programme on Public Sector Modernisation, our work will involve developing a needs assessment methodology, defining the main criteria for training of civil servants, designing a range of training programmes and setting out a system for recognition of international certificates.

PAI welcomes Ministerial delegation from North Macedonia

We were delighted to continue our long and successful collaboration with North Macedonia recently and to welcome the Minister for Labour and Social Policy, the Deputy Minister for Information Society and Administration and the State Secretary for European Affairs and other senior officials, including from the Ministry of Education. The group participated in a special study programme we designed for them focussing on Strategic Accountability and Performance Management. We invited a range of expert speakers to brief the group and arranged a excellent visits to counterparts in the Department for Work and Pensions, the Office of the Civil Service Commission and the All Party Parliamentary Group on North Macedonia. We were also honoured that North Macedonia’s Ambassador to London joined us for two key visits. Run in collaboration with the Center for Change Management, North Macedonia, the programme was part of an ongoing public sector improvement project funded by the UK Government.

“What is a public service without integrity?”

This question was asked by one of the participants in the two workshops held between 12 and 16 November and it perfectly sums up the focus of the discussions held.  The workshops, which explored a range of integrity challenges, were organised by the Government of Montserrat HMRU and facilitated by Public Administration International (PAI) UK… Read more

Visit from the Parliament of India

We were very pleased to welcome eight senior officials from the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) of the Parliament of India recently.  The group was with us for two weeks, firstly joining our international Parliamentary Administration workshop and then attending a week’s tailor-made programme… Read more

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