PAI has over 25 years’ experience in delivering, customising and evaluating learning programmes for clients across the public sector internationally.   We also provide programmes for state enterprises, the private sector and non-government organisations.  Each year we have a schedule of professional development workshops.  In recent years, we offered 80 scheduled professional development workshops in London, the USA, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.  Our workshops and training programmes have attracted over 10,000 participants from around the globe,  bringing together participants from around the world to allow you to learn from your peers who may be facing similar challenges to your own. You are welcome to join our London workshops virtually if you would prefer that rather than joining in person.

In addition to our scheduled workshops we regularly run tailor-made programmes  to suit your needs and held at a time convenient for you. We can adapt our annual international workshops or we can design a workshop in your selected subject area. These can be held in he UK, in your country or city of your choice or as virtual or blended programmes, to meet the specific needs of groups at all levels within your organisation.

Our existing and extensive schedule of professional development workshops supports the development of our tailor-made programmes and ensures consistency of quality across our services. We will include case studies relevant to your organisation and your priorities and liaise with you to design the programme to meet the specific objectives you wish to achieve.

PAI is accredited as a short course provider by the British Accreditation Council for Higher and Further Education.

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