Options for coaching

How does it work?

Coaching stimulates learning and insights into personal motivation, skills, well-being, sources of support, goals, successes and limitations. It is scheduled time out in which to think, reflect and, with help from an objective sounding-board, to make informed decisions. Actions that are agreed and implemented by you as a coachee have the potential for immediate impact and can bring benefits to your effectiveness, your colleagues and work teams and to your organisation.

The length and content of the coaching programme will depend on your (and your organisation's) needs and goals. We recommend that you opt for the full coaching programme if your budget allows, but we are happy to listen to your needs and develop a tailor-made programme for you, should you wish. This could involve individual sessions for you, or you and your team, as and when required.When you sign up to our coaching programme, we will offer you a free taster session of half an hour online, where you can discuss your needs with your assigned coach and explore options. This session will also help you and your coach to establish whether the 'chemistry' between you works.
All communication between you and your coach will remain confidential.

Are there other types of coaching service?

Yes, certainly there are different coaching services which might suit you and your organisation better. For example, if you are interested in a group or team coaching service, we can design that for you. Moreover, if you are a senior manager or a human resources professional, we can help you to become a 'peer coach' and to develop a coaching culture in your organisation.

Typically, each online session will be organised within 4/6 weeks of completion of the previous session. Although we can offer some flexibility in the meeting frequency, regular sessions are critical to creating and sustaining the momentum. You will also need to do some exercises and preparatory work between the sessions so as to get the best out of the programme. We can also introduce you to certain leadership techniques and tools that are relevant to your goals.

Your coach will be available for online contact between agreed sessions and will follow up each session with a personalized summary note.

If you would like to opt for a coaching programme or individual session, please contact pai@public-admin.co.uk and we will be back in touch with you.