Innovating in the Public Sector: Identifying the big dilemma

Hosts: Mark Hollingsworth

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The public service is no different from any other type of organization: the outcomes it obtains are a direct result of what it does well - and not so well.

If we are to solve our societies’ problems, we are going to have to change things; to do that, we will need to be more innovative. We will need change what we do and how we do it. Innovation needs to offer better policies and services for the public and we need to create and deliver them more quickly, at less cost and with fewer people i.e. be more productive and create better value.

We all know some of the things we are asked to do - our policies, processes, programmes and services - are simply not effective or efficient in terms of time, people or money. Yet, our leaders insist that we continue to run them exactly as they have always been run. This dilemma leads us to pose the question: What does it take to introduce innovations in the public service? This webinar discusses the challenges and proposes some solutions to this question.

It covers: 

  • Why innovation in the public sector is so difficult
  • A process to begin to introduce innovation into your sphere of influence
  • A tool that allows you diagnose your own organisation’s propensity to encourage innovation
  • How we might build an organisational culture that promotes innovation
  • What it takes for you to become an innovator.

Our presenter will be Mark Hollingworth.

Mark leads PAI’s Innovating in the Public Sector professional development workshop, which will take place in London from 4 to 8 September 2023. Mark is an expert in strategic leadership who has worked as a management consultant, workshop leader/facilitator, educator and coach for clients in the profit and not-for-profit sectors for over 30 years. He uses his knowledge, ability and experience to act as an innovation process leader and guide in order to help individuals and organisations make crucial decisions that result in innovation, concrete action and change. In Canada, he has worked with industry leaders such as ArcelorMittal, Bank of Montreal, CITI, Cogeco, Hydro-Québec, Imperial Tobacco, Kruger Inc., Linamar, MDS Aerospace, Metso Minerals, RioTintoAlcan, Telus, and internationally with individuals and organisations in Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United States, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Mark has been a faculty lecturer and workshop leader in Strategy, Leadership and Innovation at McGill University for over 20 years.

He is author of two books: “Growing People, Growing Companies: Achieving Individual and Organizational Success in the Knowledge Economy” (2003), and “Strategic Assumptions: The Hidden yet Powerful Beliefs that Control Every Decision You Make” (2014). He has also had numerous articles published in Western University’s Ivey Business Journal and, more recently, on his LinkedIn page.