Webinar: Justice and the Covid Crisis: Viral threats to the rule of law

Host: Professor Gavin Drewry 

To view this webinar please click the video link below.

The rule of law is internationally recognised as a fundamental constitutional principal that underpins democratic governance and respect for human rights. However, national and international responses to the current Covid pandemic have revealed some of its weaknesses. In many countries, emergency measures have severely restricted citizens’ freedoms. Tough-talking political leaders, already resistant to challenges in the courts, have sometimes used the crisis to justify fresh attacks on judicial independence.

The huge economic consequences of the pandemic have resulted in major financial cuts to legal services which have impacted seriously on citizens’ rights of fair and equal access to justice.

This webinar will discuss the impact of the Covid pandemic on the rule of law:

  • International definitions of the rule of law
  • What does the rule of law really mean in practice?
  • Judicial independence – myth or reality?
  • Challenges to fair and equal access to justice