Leading yourself and others through challenging times

Hosts: Janet Waters and Sheena Matthews 

To view this webinar please click on the video link below.

Never has there been a more important time for leaders to be self-aware about their own impact and well-being and to lead their people to meet the challenges of the pandemic and the shift to a ‘new normal ‘. Leadership remains a key capability for transformational leaders. However, those who ‘stand out’ are adapting their styles, remaining calm and optimistic and getting the best out of their people as they lead their organizations through change and challenging working conditions.

Leaders lead their people as individuals and teams to build and create additional levels of skills and performance to be able to deal with setbacks and maintain a positive approach to new ways of working.

This webinar looks at four key aspects of leadership:

  • The challenges of leading in current challenging times
  • Approaches that make a difference to success
  • The leadership behaviours to focus on
  • Personal leadership challenges and steps to increase effectiveness.