Old Frauds in New Times: The legacy of Covid -19 for economic and financial crime

Hosts: Neil McCallum and Tim Salt

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Whilst the vast majority of us are doing our best to make things better, help one another and simply get through this difficult time, fraudsters and corrupt officials have been cynically working away in the background to take advantage of the scrabble for medical protective equipment and desperate search for a cure. The bad news is that billions have already been stolen and many hundreds of thousands of people defrauded by the cunning and the ruthless, ever on the lookout for an opportunity.

The 'good' news is that whilst opportunities for economic crime have increased exponentially during the pandemic, few if any new types of fraud and corruption have emerged: This means that, even in such unprecedented times, we can use past experience to try to reduce opportunities and strengthen vulnerabilities. We can, in short, limit how much more gets stolen and select among strategies currently being developed around the world to recover as much as possible of the losses.