Rebuilding judicial systems post-COVID-19

Hosts: Neil McCallum, Lloydette Bai-Marrow, David Abbott and Eddie Bloomfield 

To view this webinar please click on the link here: Rebuilding judicial systems post-COVID-19 video link

In many of our countries courts are closed as part of national lockdowns. When they re-open, and what the world will be like when they do, is uncertain. What we can say for sure is that an immediate return to business as usual is highly unlikely We will discuss:

  • Solving the immediate problem: Clearing backlogs, resolving the consequences of lockdowns and delivering justice in an era of social distancing
  • Creating a better future: Are there opportunities to build something more positive/ more robust for the future?
  • What can judicial officers do and what can judicial administrators do now to prepare for the future in delivering fair and effective justice for all?

The webinar will be led by Neil McCallum, PAI's Workshop Director for our annual international workshops on Judicial Administration