Taking a new look at Learning and Development

Host: Sheena Matthews

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The Covid-19 pandemic has put additional pressures on organisations world-wide. When times get tough we know that budgets and resources are affected and often among the first casualty is funding training and development. Right now we need to turn the crisis into an opportunity and look creatively at ways of increasing the capacity and the resilience of our staff.

We know from listening to clients that the need for staff development is still pressing but as well as affordability they now have the additional pressure of not being able to supply training from traditional sources. Some things haven’t changed – the systematic identification of who needs training in what and how to evaluate the value from training interventions.

This webinar will enable you to think again about how to plan, deliver and evaluate training interventions. It will explore using the workplace as a learning laboratory and how management and staff roles might change for the better in upskilling our workforce.