The Need for Law Reform

Host: Michael Sayers

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The law in every country needs to be as modern, fair, simple and cost-effective as possible. Reform of the law is vital. Among its aims are to sustain the Rule of Law, to improve protection for vulnerable people and to promote and uphold human rights.

Law reform can also contribute to meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Follow opening remarks by Michael Sayers, Acting General Secretary of the Commonwealth Association of Law Reform Agencies, former Chief Executive of the Law Commission for England and Wales, this free webinar will have three guest speakers delivering the following sessions:

  • Why do we need law reform? Rosemary Kumitsonyo, Law Commissioner, Law Commission, Malawi
  • What are the hallmarks of successful law reform? Judge Jody Kollapen, Chairperson, Law Reform Commission. South Africa
  • How can law reform help during and after COVID-19? Paula Cross-Horton, Senior Legal Researcher, Law Reform Commission, Trinidad and Tobago.