The Role of Parliaments in Times of Crisis: Front-line players, referees – or just noisy spectators?

Hosts: Professor Gavin Drewry and Dr Philip Aylett 

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The global pandemic has had massively disruptive and worrying consequences for us all. It has impacted hugely upon the people and governments of nearly every country and region, worldwide. Moreover, in many countries the impact of COVID-19 has been compounded by and has sometimes exacerbated other, pre-existing, critical economic, social and political challenges – not least, in the United Kingdom, where the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded alongside the long-running saga of Brexit. This webinar will consider the constitutional and procedural impact on parliaments of major crises, using the UK’s recent experiences both of the COVID-19 crisis and of Brexit for purposes of illustration.

We will consider:

  • The constitutional and representative role of parliaments in the 21st century
  • The constitutional impacts of the COVID crisis and Brexit on the role and status of UK parliaments
  • Recent procedural developments in response to recent major crises – and their longer-term implications.