UK Conflict Stability and Security Framework (CSSF)

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Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) is a Framework Contract created by the UK Government (HMG), under the direction of the National Security Council, to tackle fragility in conflict-affected countries.

Further information about the CSSF is available at:

The Framework Contract includes provision of services to HMG in countries which present, now or in the future, similar security challenges to working in a hostile environment, and which require comparable levels of training and expertise. Typically, these are short, targeted interventions aimed at promoting stability and may require supporting a rapid or crisis response by HMG. The scope of this work includes providing access to suitably-qualified and experienced individuals and multi-disciplinary teams, to support individual UK Government Ministries and Agencies and their partners working in fragile and conflict-affected states.

Expertise required covers twelve thematic areas:
1. Understanding and strengthening inclusive politics, political processes and accountability
2. Public sector reform and public financial management
3. Security sector reform and security sector capacity building
4. Justice sector reform and the Rule of Law
5. Countering violent extremism / counter terrorism
6. Peace-building, stabilisation and conflict sensitivity
7. State – civil society engagement
8. Inclusive conflict prevention and peace-building
9. Strategic communication and outreach
10. Defence training and advice
11. Provision of non-lethal equipment
12. Defence services