Advanced People Engagement Skills: Getting the best out of your people

In Leadership and Organisational Change by Amanda Anderson

Duration: 1 week
Dates: 30 September to 4 October 2024
Tuition fees: £2,385 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
Leaders and Managers need to ensure that have the skills and knowledge to lead and manage their staff in a fair and equitable way. The public sector needs now, more than ever to deliver targeted services to the public and work in an efficient and organised way and get the best outcomes from their staff. This highly participative programme will endeavour to explore key areas of leadership and look to the latest thinking around people management. This programme will look to equip you with a range of tools and techniques that will look to enhance your advanced people management skills.

What the workshop will cover
• When to be a leader and when to be a manager?
• Explore a range of tools and techniques to enhance your skills in advanced people management
• Understand the need for effective and timely communication in your department/organisation
• Look to build a culture of performance management in the organisation
• Refresh your thinking of performance appraisal
• Undertake SMARTER target setting for your team
• Look at techniques to manage high performers and those individuals who are poor performers
• Review your current HR policies and procedures against latest thinking
• Gain an insight as to what motivation is and how to improve productivity in your team
• Review your strengths and areas of development when managing your team
• Explore conflict management
• Look at learning solutions for individuals and your team
• Explore techniques for you to be able to coach/mentor your staff.

How participants will benefit
This workshop will enable you to:
Enhance your knowledge and skills in people management
• Have a range of tools to assist in the area on developing your staff for the future
• Have the opportunity to coach/mentor your staff, as a tool for their development
• Develop your skills to tackle difficult conversation and situations
• Increase your confidence in managing your team.