Re-Energising the Public Sector: Motivation, productivity and getting results from leaders, managers and frontline staff

In Leadership and Organisational Change by Amanda Anderson

Duration: 1 week
Dates: 17 to 21 June 2024
Dates: 9 to 13 December 2024
Tuition fees: £2,455 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
One of the biggest issues challenging the public sector is measuring effectiveness of public service delivery. Public sector bodies need to be outcome oriented and think in terms of performance impact aligned with their core business as a public body. All organisations depend on their leaders, managers and front-line staff to fulfil their organisation’s mandate and achieve results. We are at present in unprecedented times and never has the public sector been required to deliver their services in such challenging times. Getting the best out of staff is crucial.

Those who are leading their organisations at present have huge demands and pressure on them. This workshop will give you an opportunity to take some time to reflect and gather your thoughts for the future with a view to delivering enhanced services to the public. It will help you to recognise the need to increase productivity, motivate your teams and explore ideas for encouraging a committed workforce to ensure that key services are delivered.

What the workshop will cover
• Review of business outcomes required for the future
• New ways to plan and deliver the future requirements of the services you provide
• Review your effectiveness and that of your teams so as to add more value to your organisation
– Motivation and team culture
– How mindset affects productivity
– Encouraging the principles of “lean thinking” to streamline operations and identify wasted or unnecessary effort, decisions and processes
• The benefits of building strong and highly engaged leadership teams and the effects it will have in building a more productive organisation
– Working together on strategic and creative thinking
– Improving collaboration and communication
– Breaking down silos and creating cross-departmental collaboration
– Building decision-making abilities and problem-solving skills
• Introducing executive coaching as a leadership tool for individual development.

How participants will benefit
The workshop will:
• Provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and plan for the future as a leader
• Consider the impact COVID-19 had on your organisation
• Help you to identify areas for improvement and be enabled to create a plan to implement the changes
• Explore new ways of working and thinking
• Give you a valuable opportunity to exchange learning with like-minded leaders, through use of leadership action groups
• Look to the future with a positive mindset for the public sector.