Transforming Criminal Justice: From joined-up justice to multi-agency approaches

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Duration: 1 week
Dates: 11 to 15 November 2019
Tuition fees: £2,210 (exc. VAT)

About the programme
The UK government’s current Transforming Justice agenda builds on a huge amount of work aimed at achieving better collaborative arrangements between the various agencies in the justice sector.  Police, prosecutors, courts, probation and prisons in the UK now work together in ways unimaginable a decade ago.  These organisations have very different roles and there is often a tension between them.  How has better co-ordination been achieved without undermining each organisation’s specific mission?  How can judicial independence and the protection of citizens’ rights be preserved alongside closer collaboration between these different justice sector institutions?

Despite changes of government the aims of criminal justice reform in England and Wales remain much the same:

  • To enhance the delivery of justice
  • To tackle persistent and serious offending
  • To reduce reoffending
  • To address youth crime
  • To improve public confidence in the criminal justice system.

Much has been achieved in recent years.  However these successes now have to be sustained and built upon within very restricted budgets, which demands even more effective collaboration.
The main aims of the workshop are:

  • To review progress to date in making the criminal justice sector work together more effectively
  • To explore how achievements will be maintained and future priorities achieved at reduced cost
  • To assist participants in developing and introducing practical strategies for economic and sustainable criminal justice mechanisms in their own countries.

Who is it for?
This one-week workshop is designed for policy makers, practitioners and senior decision-makers across the justice sector. These will include

  • Judges
  • Lawyers
  • Court administrators
  • Police and prison managers
  • Prosecutors
  • Legal and judicial reform specialists
  • Others concerned with making the criminal justice sector work more effectively for the benefit of all citizens, to uphold the rule of law and advance speedy, fair and reliable justice.

How participants will benefit
The workshop will:

  • Familiarise you with the responsibilities and challenges of the various agencies in the criminal justice system of England and Wales
  • Enable you to understand the possible barriers to information sharing and joint decision making and examine the strategies for overcoming such barriers at little or no cost
  • Provide you with an opportunity to compare experiences of reforming criminal justice in various countries
  • Help you to identify practical ways of initiating relevant and sustainable change to enhance multi-agency working in the criminal justice sector on return to your own country.

Provide a forum for discussing:

  • the particular challenges of tackling juvenile and youth crime
  • the special arrangements in place to manage the risk posed to society by the most dangerous violent and sexual offenders
  • the roles various agencies share in caring for victims of crime and vulnerable witnesses

Please view our Brochure 2019  (opens in a PDF document)