About the workshop

Demand from the international development agencies for consulting services has grown dramatically over the past 10 years. In 2013 the international development organisations (e.g. World Bank, the United Nations, the European Commission, bilateral aid agencies and regional development banks) committed US$15 billion in aid budget of which approximately 30% was spent on consultancy services. A strong demand in consultancy services was fuelled primarily by the improved quality of national consultants in many countries.   Demand for national consultants has also been stimulated by pressure on governments to reorganize, downsize and outsource more government activities.  However, there are significant disparities in the ability of countries to meet the growing demand for national consulting services of the highest standard.

Consultants bring objectivity and fresh insights into an organisation which can transform its performance.  The value that consultants can offer to the public sector is immense.  Consultants, when used appropriately, can provide considerable benefits for clients ranging from the development of core and specialist skills for individuals to major reviews of organisations, structures and processes.

This workshop provides an introduction to management consultancy for those considering entering the profession or those who wish to have an understanding of the knowledge and skills needed in this area. It is also useful for those who employ consultants to give them an intelligent customer capability.  It is particularly targeted at the public sector and towards those who may be acting as internal consultants within ministries, departments, local authorities and para-statal organisations.

This course leads to the Award (APC) and Certificate (CPC) in Professional Consulting – qualifications offered by the Institute of Consulting and awarded by the UK Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

This course is run by PAI in collaboration with Consultancy and Development International (CDI) which is an Approved CMI Centre for running CMI professional consultancy courses.

These qualifications provide public recognition of achievement of a professional foundation qualification in management consultancy. They also provide bases for further development to full Certified Management Consultancy (CMC®) status – an international recognised qualification which is also offered by IC. PAI/CDI can provide further help with this.

To gain the Award delegates have to successfully complete a post course written module which takes about 50 hours.  Guidance and mentioning on this will be provided by the Course Director.

In addition, delegates can then proceed to the CMI Certificate in Professional Consultancy (CPC) which requires completion of a second module which also takes about 50 hours. PAI and CDI can help to work towards CPC qualification as well.

This course is at level 5 of the UK Government’s Office for Qualification (www.ofqual.gov.uk), and can be used to count for further qualifications.


Who is it for?
The workshop is designed for those wishing to enter the consultancy profession both in the public sector and the private sector – as internal or external consultants. It will also be relevant to existing consultants who may wish to undertake a refresher course, line managers and those in other functions who would like to know the basics of consultancy, those involved in change management programmes and those working for the CMC® award.


How participants will benefit
The workshop will:

  • Prepare you for the APC/CPC qualification and identify you as a qualified practitioner
  • Improve your career potential
  • Provide an excellent basis for further professional development
  • Provide you with the opportunity to develop a personal action plan to develop your organisation’s consulting capacity
  • Offer a useful background in consultancy for senior managers of any specialisation who may also need to undertake consultancy work
  • Provide a useful “refresher” for experienced consultants, including those who may wish to apply for the CMC® award.


Please view our Brochure 2018 (opens in a PDF document)


What our participants say about this course:

“The course actually exceeded my expectations in terms of the experience and backgrounds of the other participants.  PAI staff were outstanding – both in making arrangements and support while in London.” 
Sarah Horrigan, USA

“Tony strikes a great balance choosing the more important areas to go into detail”
Mr Janus Munk
Head of Section

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