Public Financial Management: Aiming for excellence

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Duration: 2 weeks
Dates: 18 to 29 November 2024
Tuition fees: £4,175 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
Throughout the world, the public sector is under pressure to deliver better services, often with reduced resources. This creates a need for excellence in managing resources, including people, assets, money and information. The impact of COVID-19 has emphasized the need for effective financial management to steer our organisations through the crisis. Effectively managed public sector finance will be vital in enabling the post-crisis recovery.

What the workshop will cover
• Good practice in public financial management
• How to make use of Medium-Term Expenditure Frameworks (MTEF)
• Implementing effective budget management
• Capital budgeting and the links to sound asset management
• Reporting requirements and the importance of in-year reporting
• An introduction to International Accounting Standards (IPSAS and IFRS)
• Financial risk management
• Contingency financial planning for crises such as environmental emergencies or pandemics
• Preparing for external scrutiny and audit
• Understanding treasury management and the critical importance of cash.

How participants will benefit
It will enable you to:
• Implement stable planning and budgeting frameworks to assist financial management, effectiveness and propriety
• Understand the role of managers and accountants in financial management
• Support Management Boards and the political/managerial processes more effectively
• Appreciate the corporate governance implications of better management of resources
• Assist in implementing improved medium-term financial planning and budgeting
• Link the role of budgeting to risk management, performance management and resource allocation
• Assist your organisation to be more financially resilient in times of crises
• Understand the principles, challenges and benefits of International Accounting Standards
• Understand the requirements of donor organisations.