Public Financial Management – Dubai

In Procurement and Public Finance by Amanda Anderson

Duration: 1 week
Location: Dubai
Dates: 10 to 14 February 2020
Tuition fees: £2,425 (exc. VAT)

About the workshop
Throughout the world the public sector is under pressure to deliver better services, often with reduced resources. This creates a need for improved management of scarce resources, including people, assets, money and information. This workshop will review the resource allocation mechanisms and budgetary and financial controls in public sector organisations to ensure that resources are optimally planned, monitored and controlled. We will examine the latest developments in financial management practice and the use of technology to improve control and achieve efficiencies.

We will focus on:
•  The big picture, managing financial resources
•  Budget formation and control
•  Using financial management as part of the achievement of the organisation’s overall strategy
•  The linkages between finance, human resources, information and asset management strategies
•  Successfully applying technology.

What the workshop will cover
This workshop sets out the major accounting requirements relating to IPSAS and IFRS. It is intended to provide participants with a solid understanding of what will be required to comply with the Standards. The Standards set out how and when transactions should be recognised, measured, reported and derecognised, irrespective of when the cash transactions occur. For accountants and managers there is a need to understand fully the requirements and the basis upon which financial information, internal and external, needs to be prepared. This workshop is intended to provide that understanding.

What the workshop will cover
This workshop covers:
•  The core principles upon which the Standards are based
•  The required financial statements
•  The required treatments for the major areas of accounting, including with respect to assets, income, employee benefits,
•  Accounting for assets, financial instruments and foreign currency transactions
•  Accounting for financial instruments including debt and investments
•  Accounting for foreign currency denominated transactions

How participants will benefit 
The workshop will enable you to:
•  Understand the major requirements of the Standards
•  Be able to develop the application of the Standards in your organisation
•  Develop a further understanding of the impact the standards on your organisation’s reported financial performance and position
•  Play a leading role in the application of the Standards.